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9 Surprising Facts About Best Tambola Developers in Arunachal Pradesh.

Are you looking for an online Tambola game in Arunachal Pradesh, if yes then you don't need to research anymore. We want you to have a look at the best tambola game development company in Arunachal Pradesh. i.e Havfly (customized tambola developer in Arunachal pradesh) already appears among the top Google search results for creating the Bingo, Housie, and Tambola Games developers in east states of India like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, etc. This is proof of our knowledge and quality service performance when it comes to the top casino multiplayer games development for the Indian market. We have more than ten years of experience creating and releasing the finest online multiplayer games for Android and iOS. If you want to capitalize on India's growing gaming market and are planning to create the greatest Bingo and Tambola mobile games, just search on google online tambola game near me and the result is Havfly which is the best platform for buy online tambola Havfly, is one of the top game development companies in India, provides the best and most cheap solutions for creating rummy, poker and Tambola games. Our App and Game development Services are monitored from different offices located in Jaipur (Rajasthan), Hisar (Haryana) and respectively, in Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh).

Havfly employs a large, versatile team of creative, experienced game developers. When it comes to offering any kind of game development services in Arunachal pradesh, we think our clients and their satisfaction should come first.

Let’s see the difference between Tambola, Housie and Bingo.

The game known as Housie and Bingo is the same. Bingo is a game that may be played on any site where money can be won or lost. Housie is a game that is played by groups without the use of money.

The main difference between tambola and Bingo is their arrangement. Tambola is played with a 9x3 grid while bingo is played with a 5x5 grid. 90 balls are used to play tambola, and for playing bingo 75 balls are needed.

Best Housie / Tambola Game Development Service In India

Experience and knowledge of the fundamentals of designing and delivering successful game and gaming platforms are key components in producing the greatest games in the market in a complex and constantly expanding sector like game development.

Why? Havfly For As Your Tambola Game Development company.

Havfly is a smart choice for companies that want premium quality game development services in Siliguri at affordable prices as well. Since we are aware that every firm is unique, we develop various products with unique business procedures. When you pick us, we not only provide the products but also a committed staff that takes the time to listen to your demands before developing a generic view of the system.

Unique Features Of Tambola Game Developed By Havfly

Multiplayer Game

The game is planned in a way that various players can take an interest in the game.

Play with friends across the globe

You can easily play the games with friends and players from every corner of the world.

Friends and Global Leaderboard

Users can view scores, winning and claims of all your friends.

Autocut Feature

The application will strike out the already called out numbers so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Random Number Generator

A random number generator with voice.

Total Sales

Admin can Check total sales

Total Sale of Agent

Check the total number of sales that come individually from agents.

Agent Panel

Agent Panel is available on LiveAgent. It is easy to use, clear and simple component for agents.

Sold & Unsold

Admin Check Sold & Unsold tickets.

Ticket Lock

30 minutes before game start locked ticket.

Automatic Number Declare

Number will be declared automatic

Automatic Winning Declare

Winner will be declared automatic

Winners Of Tambola App

Four Corners

You can also receive the four corners prize after receiving five early incentives. You are entitled to receive a four corner prize if the caller's number matches one on your ticket and you mark your four corners first. You should strike the first and fifth numbers of the top and bottom rows if you want to claim the four corners.

Top Line

To claim the top line prize, you must mark each of the numbers on your ticket's top line. You can claim the top line after all the numbers on the first line of the ticket have been struck. If the callers have not yet mentioned the number in your top line and someone else's top line was mentioned before yours,then they are the winner of the top-line reward.

Middle Line

In the middle line reward you have to mark all those numbers that are given in your middle line of the ticket. You can also earn the reward after completing the middle line row. Make sure you have struck all the middle line numbers to claim the middle-line.

Bottom Line

This is the ticket's last row. You will be qualified to receive a bottom line reward if you mark every number that is offered in the last row. A player needs to have all the bottom line numbers struck in order to win the bottom line.

Full House

The numbers will be read out by callers. You win this game and receive a complete house reward if you have marked all of the numbers on your ticket and there are no more numbers remaining. Players who get all 15 correct answers are eligible to win.


In star reward bonus you should mark four corners and the middle number of the middle row. If your ticket fulfills these conditions then you are eligible for a clam star reward.

Box Bonus

Two numbers from each row of your ticket should be indicated in the box bonus award. The number will be announced by the callers. Please mark that number on your ticket if you have it. If your ticket is the first one with two numbers on each line, you will win. When that happens, you will be announced as the box bonus prize winner and may collect your goods.

Half Sheet Bonus

Three tickets must be acquired in order to receive the half sheet bonus. You will receive a Half Sheet prize if any of the first two digits on any one of the three tickets are removed. You'll need to buy a ticket for an ongoing number. For instance, you may purchase tickets with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4,5,6 but not 2, 3, or 4.

Full Sheet Bonus

You must purchase six tickets at once to qualify for the Full Sheet Bonus. You will receive a full sheet prize if any of the first two numbers are eliminated from any of the six tickets. You'll need to buy a ticket for a continuous number.

Rules Of Housie / Tambola?

Here You can play online games after every 2 minutes, for now we will see how to host our own private game. By hosting we mean if you want to make a private group with family members and play Tambola then one of you has to host a game while the other will join the game. By clicking on the host game you will get a room which has a unique 8 letter invite code for example 34234239, using this invite code multiple friends and family members can join your game.

Now that you are aware of how to set up the game and other useful facts, let's explore how to play the Tambola Housie Game (Step-by-Step).

Cost To Develop A Game Like Tambola?

The cost to develop a Tambola depends on various facts

Choice of OS : When it comes to the cost the first thing comes in mind is the operating software, iOS, Android, Window. For which platform you need the Game. Because developing games for Android takes less hours as compared to Android.

In-application Complexities : This is your chance to describe the features your application needs to have. (Like Functions, Security, and Features) Design of layout. Cost of development is Decided as according to Decisions you made to add functions into your game

Game Design : Levels, gameplay, target audiences, game conditions, and other factors are all described during the planning stage. Without a predetermined game design, it will be very difficult to manage and plan the development of mobile games, and the finished result may have many bugs and abnormalities.

Don’t Forget Time : Time also plays an important role in the final cost estimation. Every phase of the process(planning-designing- development) finalizes the development cost.


We consistently provided our customers with some of the top games and software due to our experience of more than ten years. Our comprehensive solutions provide you exposure to remarkable, each service that will help you turn your ideas into fantastic, profitable Game Apps.

We have some of the greatest resources, processes, and most recent technology available today. These include 2D and 3D games that may be played on many platforms and generate income from a variety of sources.


1. Difference between a Private game & Public game?

Private: When playing a private game, you may choose when and with whom you want to participate. The person setting up the game can send invites via social Media or any other medium, including Bluetooth, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Each setup for a game lasts one hour. After an hour A fresh game begins.

Public: The participants can join games that are accessible to everyone in a public game. Only the game admin starts a public game.

2. What is Autocut?

If you join the game after a few minutes of its starting and you don't want to waste time crossing out all of the numbers that have already been called? You and your friend were chatting, but you missed a few numbers? Autocut will come to your help!

The players can select to have the program remove the numbers that have already been called out on their ticket in this premium, paid option. The program deducts some points from the player's account when they select this function. Throughout a game, you have the ability to select this feature as many times as you like.

3. What are the important features of Tambola

There are alot of features in this game like: Unlimited Ticket, User-Friendly, Admin Automatic Commission, and many more. Some of the important features are discussed above in this article and if you want to study more about the features of Tambola then visit our blog “Best Tambola Game Developers In Guwahati & Nagaland” when you scroll this blog you will find features of Tambola.

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