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TikTok is one of the best entertainment and music streaming mobile app for both the Android and iOS platforms. The havfly company provides tiktok like app development services that allows the user to capture and present their creative video making sense to the world.

In similar app like TikTok users can create a video like about their daily lifestyles, knowledge, and the memories that can be uploaded to showcase their creativity directly from their smartphones. Get tiktok like app development services with best tiktok like app development Company.

Tiktok like App has also became the most popular video creation app like other apps. The advance feature integrated into the TikTok clone source code that allow users to upload videos with simple taps and can edit the short videos themselves to share with the world.

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Professional Tiktok like App Development Services Solutions

Because of their innovative function in the app, Tiktok was one of the global video sharing app holding more than 500 million active users. But nowadays making videos with Tiktok Like app is really fun and in the same manner, it allows users to like, comment and can share with friends.

Here everyone wants to know about the development cost of Tiktok clone app. Such it has been impacted for almost everyone and all are starting to research an app to develop a music app like Tiktok.

After the huge popularity of video creation apps or music streaming app like Tiktok. Today many entrepreneurs started searching about the Tiktok clone script and its development cost details. India’s best no. 1 tiktok like app development services.



    App level analytics show on the dashboard that is integrated into our social video selfie script.
    Add / remove user, block user, report user, suspend user all can be done by using the user management feature in admin panel.
    It includes various categories such as sound, star, post, add & manage on this customizable white label app to create a unique sharing platform.
    Various app channels are created by users and brands on your custom video selfie app. Admin can easy manage these channels and can approve or delete the channel.
    Add a detailed description about your app, its version, company, etc in the ‘About Us’ section of the app.
    Upload different sounds that can be included in various videos while dubbing.
    A verified profile in the app known as a star profile. Admin can easily approve or decline the user.
    Admin can manage business post buttons such as Buy now, View more, Read more, etc. Get all features from havfly tiktok like app development services.
    A business profile has the capability to add business posts for monetary benefits.
    Various reasons can be provided for the user to choose with regards to reporting another for misdemeanor.
    Set rewards that can be doled out to users for likes / comments / new sign up, etc.
    Manage trending hashtags by adding, deleting, editing or modifying them.

TikTok Clone App Features

1. Create and Edit Profile:
The TikTok like app allows the user to create a profile and can upload own image for identification. The users can save time by signing in TikTok app with any social media accounts.

2. Simple user interface:
The cost of TikTok like app varies in providing a simple user interface that matters a lot for an app. It helps the app users to stay there and use the app properly with a simple interface. It is an important feature that allows the user to build a connection for long term usages.

3. Short Musical Clips:
The TikTok like app also provides options to select various music and video formats from different categories to create a video of 15 seconds. The cost varies with advanced features integrated into, as it needs more efforts and the time consuming and charges more.

4. Outstanding Innovations:
If you want to Apply deep learning, artificial Intelligence and the image capturing technologies TikTok helps to include special effects on creating videos like hair dying, hip-hop music and 3D stickers. The cost of TikTok like app varies on the advanced features of the app.

5. Share in Social Media:
The music streaming app or video creation app development cost like TikTok depends on advance features such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter social sharing options. Sharing helps the app to connect and reach more users worldwide.

6. QR code scanner:
User can create there QR code and share scan QR code to follow their friends. To allow users to subscribe to each other, TikTokers can scan their unique QR codes.

7. Video uploading:
Users can easily upload ready-made videos to their TikTok account, rotate or crop them, and even change the playback speed. Get all these features from tiktok like app development Services Company.

8. Video editing:
Just like other app, TikTok has a video editing option that you can use for changing the color of the eyes, hair, and even adding makeup. There are also many animations, stickers, and the masks.

9. Soundtracks:
User can create or upload videos with music added by admin. But user can also add a favourite song to their short videos from the built in TikTok library.

10. Explore with Hashtags:
Similar to other social app, Hashtag can provide the opportunity to find the trending videos.

11. Create banners for hastags and music:
You can create unique banners for hashtag and music in tiktok like app.

12. Get notifications on all the actions:
In similar app like tiktok you will get notification for all the activities on your user profile. User will able to get notification on all action done by user in tiktok like app. Track all activities by your friends on the app.

13. Duet Option:
All users, who like to sing and create videos, can enjoy this feature. Users can create a video on tiktok and, add a #duetwithme hashtag, and ask other users to duet with them.

14. Timer Feature:
TikTok like app also allows you to record videos using a countdown timer. With this feature, you can tell the tiktok application to record for a set amount of time after you press the capture button.

15. Make hastags trending from admin
All trending hashtag will be pushed on top. If you are the admin of tiktok like app you can easily make trending hashtag from your admin panel.

How much does it cost to develop an app like TikTok?

Android and iOS platform considered many factors that affect the costs of mobile app like TikTok. There are many factors like App Platforms, structure, Design, advanced features and number of hours taken and the latest tools and that help to make a unique app for users that affect the costs of TikTok Like App. The cost of developing a Music streaming app like TikTok cost around $5000 to $ 10000 but mainly the cost depends on customer demands, market demands and the location of the company. Havfly is one of the best mobile app development company in Hisar, has developed many applications for both Android and iPhone devices. Contact us at info@havfly.com to get tiktok like app development services.

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